Sharks Fund: Building A World of Investment Opportunities for Startups

Sharks Fund is a holding of Jarvin Investments with over seven years of experience in connecting entrepreneurs with investors.

When you look at a country like India with over 1.3 billion in population, it's almost hard to imagine a dearth of new possibilities and ideas every second. Indians are not just making a name for themselves across the world by leading massive Silicon Valley firms but are also creating new jobs every single day. According to an economic survey, India recorded more than 61,400 startups as of January 10, 2022. With so many ideas popping up in every second household, do all of them reach the stage of turning into a successful business? Sadly, no. Most startups fizzle out in the conception stage due to a lack of funds and expertise. That's where Sharks Fund steps in -- to help startups find their ground and take the leap.

Sharks Fund, a holding of Jarvis Investment, found its way to existence with inspiration from Shark Tank. It was the show that gave the founders of Sharks Fund an insight into how even today most startups are all about the ideas but still have no clue about the way forward. There's no set path in the market to help business owners find a way to the right investors in their industry. SF, thus helps bridge that gap between new companies and the investment opportunities they need to grow.

How does Sharks Fund help startups?

SF essentially helps new startups to the find right avenues for growth via a funding structure that suits their requirements. Their process involves gathering key information about new ventures and their status in the market in real time. With key details such as the business plan, growth rate, projected growth rate, seed money, current valuation, and mode and value of investment sought, SF then sets up an internal committee to help 'groom' each application for the team of investors.

To find the right funding avenue, it is of utmost importance to present a business idea in the most lucrative form. Most investments in startups are based on how much potential a business has to not only grow for the owners, but also to bring back heavy returns for the investors. The internal committee at SF thus then analyses, shortlists, and readies each final application to make it valuable and 'investible' enough to grab an investor's attention.

What works in a startup's favour is also the fact that most investors are out in the market to diversify their portfolio. So, with their connections with the team at Sharks Fund, the investors also reach out to seek investment opportunities in diverse fields depending on their forecasts of the market and respective industries. This means that a startup doesn't have to worry about finding an investor in their particular field. The funding can come from anywhere as long as their business plan is interesting enough to make an investor's mind click.

Once an investor expresses interest in a business plan, Sharks Fund then helps set up a meeting between the two parties.

What is the process of finding investments via Sharks Fund?

For any business to grow, it needs two key things -- a solid business idea and funds to back that idea. Neither has a meaning in business without the other. The reason for most businesses to fail at the conception stage is often because the entrepreneurs find themselves being forced to leave their business plans behind while they focus their energies on funding a source of cash flow. For such entrepreneurs, Sharks Fund comes as a breath of fresh air because it not only allows them to focus on their business but also helps them find the right avenues for funding.

Finding investments with the help of SF is easy. The company has a huge network of investors including venture capitalists, high net-worth individuals (HNIs), angel investors and more. As an entrepreneur all one has to do is submit a form with the company providing key details such as:

  • Business plan

  • Case studies/historical figures

  • Future projections

  • Current valuation

  • Stage/round and amount of investment

  • Type of investment sought -- equity or debt

Once your details arrive, an in-house committee at Sharks Fund assesses your profile and analyses your potential profitability. Once your business is shortlisted, a separate file is created for your business and an account manager is allotted to you who then guides you on the best ways to present your business as lucrative, investible, and valuable for any potential investor. The account manager finds ways to not only make your business look profitable but also offers valuable guidance on finding the right footing in the industry.

After vetting your business and 'grooming' your application file, it is then sent forward to the investor connections at SF depending on their requirements and interests. Once an investor expresses interest in your plan, a meeting is facilitated by Sharks Fund to help the two parties meet and discuss the future course of action.

Easy, right?

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