Let’s kick start your journey

Sharks Fund: Happy to be your fundraising partner

Business life cycles are dynamic and we understand and respect that. So it doesn’t matter whether you are a startup or an established business. If you are looking to raise fund for your dream business we are here for you.

Be it preparations to meet your future investors (reviewing your pitch deck, fine tuning your business plan, analysing your financial model), simply matching you with angel investors, venture capitalists, HNIs and NBFCs or finding you a mentor. You name it and we have it. 



An extremely crucial bit, this one will help with a thorough analysis of things in your business that need ironing out.

From putting you in touch with an industry expert to helping you understand what investors look for in a business, to preparing you for the perfect pitch, we will do it all.


Fill the contact us form and one of our fund raiser expert advisor will contact you.  Yes its that easy.

Our team will then request for required information which would vary case to case but business plan, case, financial audit information will be reviewed and our team will share it with bank of investors. If there is a serious investment interest from an investor in your start up, we schedule a one-on-one meeting between you two. 

At this stage, things are quite promising for the start-up, as most investors have a very busy schedule and don't take any unnecessary meetings. If they're meeting you, they're serious about it.​



Here is the sweet bit.

A startup doesn’t have to pay to register with us.

All you need to pay is just INR 6500 after we have scouted through our pool of investors to find you the best fit for a one to one meeting.

If your deal is closed with the investor, you can happily take the fund while we partake a mere 4 per cent of the money the investor puts into your business.

Investors bring more value than the valuation. Yes, read that again!

Remember when an investor invests in your business he/she is as interested in your business doing well. Investors want to see the businesses they invest in, becoming unicorns and finally move to an IPO stage.

Also every meeting with an investor opens doors to learning. Be it strategising, understanding about new verticals or getting to learn about nuances of the market you might have missed. So remember even if you don’t get the funding, the one on one meeting will help you prepare for other investor meetings better.

Neon Spheres


If you are a startup looking for some bright business ideas to invest in, you are at the right place, at the right time.

We have some brilliant entrepreneurial minds across a host of industries for you to choose from.

We will also share with you industry size, total addressable market, vision, stage of start up and the entrepreneur’ strategy.

After a thorough background check from our end, what we will need from your end is strong proof of funds. Also a non disclosure agreement will need to be signed to help safeguard our entrepreneur’s ideas.

Value Added Services


We understand startups can sometimes need support and we would be happy to help you. From seed funding to mentoring to training and more, we have it all to help your business become the vision you have for it.


With our team of internal experts we help to know the correct valuation of your business in the market. 
This is an extremely crucial bit and can prove to be a deal breaker or maker for your business as far as getting an investor is concerned.

Pitch deck

It’s time to show the world what your idea/business can do. But guess what? Till you showcase it well, you are not doing it justice.
Our specialists will help you with profiling, sales forecast and more to help you make the right pitch for the right impact.

Mock calls

Being prepared is one thing, being thoroughly prepared, quite another. 
Our mock calls with our in house professionals will help you prepare to be completely ready to grab that funding deal.

CFO in a box

If you need help with your financial dealings or have an expert help you with deal structuring, we are here for you. We can act as CFO for our esteemed clients.